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Most frequent questions and answers

Every Course has some validity. If you purchase from Jobaaj Learnings, you’ll get an Extra Validity of One Month on subject plans courses. For Example, If you have purchased a course from OnePrep with the validity of 6 Months. But, If you purchased from our platform, i.e., Jobaaj Learnings, Then Jobaaj Learnings will provide you the validity of 7 months.

The purchasing process has to be done on Jobaaj Learnings. Once the process is completed, The course will be delivered via OnePrep Mobile Application

To watch OnePrep videos on iOS, you need iOS version 10 or above, and for Android, you need version 6 or above.

No, you cannot take a screenshot of the Video player and Books screen in Android. In IOS, if your account has been observed taking screenshots more than 3 times, your account will be flagged and the content will no longer be available for you for at least 15 days.

Due to security concerns, we won’t be able to provide big-screen access to videos. They will be accessible only on Android and iOS devices. You can download the app from the Google Play store/ App store to watch the videos.

Yes, you cannot directly connect with the faculty but we provide an option to “Ask Doubt”. Click on Sidebar -> Click on Ask Doubt. This will redirect you to the OnePrep Premium Group on Facebook. You can post your doubt and the respective faculty will respond on the thread accordingly within a feasible time.

You can download the OnePrep app from the following links: