A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Core Finance Jobs

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We have compiled a bunch of super useful resources which might be of great help for people seeking jobs in the finance industry. This File is Helpful for any professional who is aspiring or is already a CA, CFA, CMA, CPA, MBA Finance, etc.

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This folder contains the following documents:

exam preparation guide for CFA, CMA, CPA, FRM

A complete exam preparation guide for professionals who want to pursue courses like CFA, CMA, CPA, FRM with details of syllabus, important dates, and other relevant information.

Core Finance Interview Questions

A Structured List of Investment Banking/ Financial Analyst/ Equity Research/ Accounting/ Core Finance Interview Questions which were asked from our students/ Professionals who got shortlisted for such profiles.

A beginners E-book for traders

Content of the E-book:
What is Price Action Trading ?
Why Price Action Trading?
Candlestick charts & patterns
Tailed & Inside Bars
Support & Resistance Price Action Event Zones

Resume Preparation Guide

Step by Step guide to help professionals prepare a resume for such roles.

Cerification course details

An Introductory Guide on Financial Modeling, Research Analyst, SAP and Python.

Certifications Required for core finance

Exact Skills/ Certification Courses required to get into Core Finance Jobs and How to gain them.

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